Sunday, 30 June 2013

Picture This #206 ~ City, Town, Countryside

One of each:

City of Las Vegas:

Town of New Hope, Pennsylvania:

Countryside: Longstreet Farm, Holmdel:


  1. Hi, Joanne, nice to see you. That's quite a shot of Las Vegas; I had not seen it from that angle before. What a great picture of New Hope, it tells a story from the narrow street to the multi-ethnic restaurants to the Help Wanted sign. I really must be a country mouse; my favorite is on the bottom, with its inviting road in, and the fields of corn and wheat.

  2. Three great shots, Joanne!!! Awesome Las Vegas overview... Nice perspective in the second... The third is my favourite...

  3. Hi Honey!! I love all your shots for Benni's theme :-)) Vegas, of course, is one of my fave places!! Glad we're not there this week though, I don't think I could stand temps of 115F !! Lovely shot of New Hope. I fancy a pizza and a cold beer in the ristorante :-)) Wonderful greens and blues of Longstreet Farm.

  4. Wow - right smack in the middle of nowhere.

    Lovely street shot


  5. Las Vegas is really uinique, lovel view. The town in Pennsylvania looks real olde worlde and the farm is very well organised and neat.

  6. Love Vegas I wish I could go to the photo shoot with everyone. Who knows maybe?
    Would love to go to New hope neat place.
    But the last place looks like a winner. Beautiful shot of a beautiful place.

  7. I really like how the view of the city blends/fades into the mountains in your Las Vegas shot! Love the feel in the second shot, I want to go in a people watch for awhile lol. The last shot is very country and feels inviting :)

  8. Very nice shots, Joanne. Was Las Vegas very hot when you were there?

    That's a very interesting street shot...and that pizza and cold beer sign is alluring. : )

    The farm shot is my favorite.

  9. Very nice shots, Joanne. Amazing to think that Las Vegas is in the desert. Interesting image of New Hope, PA. The farm scene is a good one. The open gate is inviting to sit under the shade of that tree.

  10. Nice shots of the three so different places

  11. Hi Joanne, all great wonderful interesting different shots. Can I stay at Longstreet FArm in Holmdel though?

  12. Interesting backdrop for such a wild and fun city. Desert all around. What a great place to play. THe farm house looks inviting too.