Monday, 3 June 2013


My three contributions for this week's theme...

1.  Rocks at a national park near Lisbon1

2. Not aware of the hardness of rocks to have a seat and play cards... 3

3. Not shouting at me... 2


  1. Hi Belita!! Three great shots for Anders' 'Rocks' theme!! Very big pile of rocks at the national park, looks like a great place for exploring!! Hmmm......maybe they should have taken some cushions with them when they want to play cards at the beach!! The girl in the last shot looks more like she is laughing, not shouting.

  2. Almost like a still-life.

    That looks like a choice between a rock and a hard place.

    A mermaid?

  3. Hi Belita. Wonderful shots all of them. I like the little foursome having a picnic and a card game. YOu are so very good at catching people unaware in unusual situations. As soon as I opened, I knew these were yours. The girl looks like she is laughing ,the water is cold.

  4. The first is almost a work of art. Love the second rock arrangement and the third looks very inviting.

  5. Lovely pictures. The first with the tree down is very much what we see in the woods north of us. I think, were I the card players, I might also be worried about the wind. And my favorite is the mermaid at the bottom, joyfully shouting or singing. What a nice capture. Is this from the Azores?

    1. Thanks, Benni! I took that photo somewhere very near my neighborhood..

  6. Belita, these are great shots for the theme. The rocks in the park seem to be balanced. It seems that tree is keeping the structure in place. My favorite shot is the second one with the people on the beach. You caught them candidly as you always do in your photography. I like the last image as well with the woman behind the rock. She isn't one of the Sirens? She's very playful and must have known your camera was pointing at her.

  7. Now the last seems to be an undercover agent, like 007 Kind of. Calling in a report on her observations. "I have a photographer here!" Mic in hand. LOL Now the card game, why not and great candid. Love it. Not just a once in awhile meeting place but a traditional spot for this group. Phone service too. THe tree and boulders show who stands the test of time, and in this shot the rocks win. Cool all of them.

  8. great variety of rocks, the water in the last one looks so refreshing, the middle one is my favorite and the top is magnificent!

  9. I love the boulders in the first shot. It makes me think of my walks along the Towaliga River in Georgia.

    The second shot is so cool. What a clever little set up there.I love the rocks holding their tablecloth down.

    The young lady behind the rocks in the third pic looks like she's a bit camera shy and ran to hide behind the rocks.