Saturday, 26 January 2013

Picture This 184: Lynda's Celebrations

I chose celebrations as I didn't have any fireworks photos and I couldn't find any of my very few & not so good lightning photos


DSC_3058 copy

High School Graduation

DSC_5648 copy

The End of a Storm



  1. All three are great but the middle one; wow, what a spread!

  2. Love them all as well, rainbow is lovely! Those girls are great in that top photo!

  3. Hi Lynda!! Sorry, I changed your title line a little, makes entries easier to spot in reading lists if it has the challenge number to start with.

    Cute shot of the mini-cheerleaders to start with. I think I remember the graduation pic from your page, good spread of food on the table!! Beautiful shot of the twin rainbows after the storm :-))

    1. Thanks for the title change. Didn't even notice you had done that until I read your comment. Will try to remember to put the number in next time. Yes the graduation photo was in a Multiply blog. Step-grand daughter's high school graduation party last spring with family and friends.

  4. "Yippie!"

    Very pretty gal.

    Beautiful rainbow.

  5. these are all great all of them thanks

  6. Wonderful take on theme, Lynda , I really like them all, but those 2 sweeties in the top photo steals the show for me. Lovely !

  7. Three great photos, but I really like the last one. a very good study with the rainbow in the background and the field as a contrast.