Monday, 21 January 2013

Picture This #183 - The Five Senses

TOUCH - My daughter Lauren putting sunscreen on my grandson Nicky before he goes to play in the Sprayground:

TASTE: A swan having a drink of water:

HEARING: The sound of a fire engine siren on the way to a fire:


  1. I am just loving every ones individual interpretations ...
    Great pitures .... Love the one of Lauren and Nicky .. a tender capture.
    Gorgeous shot of the swan ...

  2. Wow... Joanne, you look so young to be a grandmother of that boy... nice shot! Love that swan having a drink... perhaps the water was not very dirty... beautiful light! That's the sound we don't like to hear but it's common in urban centers... hope that fire didn't cause victims and serious damages, either... All three photos are excellent shots for the theme. Thanks!

  3. Loving all three Joanne. especially the swan, great capture.

  4. Hi Honey.!! Love your three choices for the theme!! Lovely one of Nicky and Lauren. I can tell from his stance that he's impatient to get to the fun. LOL. Great shot of the Whooper swan. Was that taken here at the National Wetlands Centre? Excellent action-capture of the fire truck!!

  5. All great photos. The first is a very good "action photo". Love the swan drinking, a good capture. I think my strongest memory of new york is the noise from the fire engines - they seemed to be driving around day and night- love the photo.

  6. The laying of the hands.

    Terrific shot of the swan


  7. Hi Joanne these are all wonderful photos for these three senses.
    I have to say that the swan drinking is so charming and delightful to view.
    Noisy fire trucks always give me goose bumps. A Good capture of it there hurrying along.
    Aww love your capture of your Daughter and Grandson. So special.

  8. Very good set of images, love the swan close-up and the firefighters with blurred background giving the felling of movement.

  9. Lovely set, pity we could not do all 5 senses ( Mitch, can we not break rules for once?)

    Love the capture of your grandson, the swan is adorable and the action shot of the fireengine, is priceless.

  10. Nice choice, Joanne! Love them all 3... I love the blurred background in number 3, the light in number 2 and pictures like number 1 are just "precious"!

  11. Very nice! Your daughter putting sunscreen on her son is great, also the dappled shade on her arms. I love the swan drinking and can hear the siren of your shot of the firetruck.