Sunday, 27 January 2013

Picture This 184 - Celebrations and Fireworks

Great theme, Anders! Took me a bit to find something that would work, but came up with these. The first - I was up on the wall at Kidwelly Castle in Wales, when I leaned over and saw this beautiful bride. Her photographer wasn't the only one taking pictures!
Here Comes the Bride

My second shot I took from my bedroom window on the 4th of July. The neighbors were shooting off fireworks and they were too pretty to pass up:
Neighborhood Fireworks

And my last - while walking thru New York City, I saw this glass with a bit of wine sitting on the wall. I wonder what the story is behind it.


  1. Three great shots, Joanne. The bride is indeed beautiful and that's a nice candid. On the wine glass, well, it's New York, and anyone's guess what the story is but probably interesting. My fave is the fireworks, great, just marvelous.

  2. Hi Honey!! Three terrific shots for the theme!! I remember that first shot, great candid. I hope she got some memorable wedding photos taken at the castle. Beautiful firework shot. Love that last shot, could form the basis of a story. There are so many possibilities.

  3. All three are fantastic Joanne. I agree with the others, the fire works one does it for me.

  4. so that is where I left my glass ???? I looked everywhere, except New York City, who would have thought. Love the bride .................... wonderful shot. The neighbours fireworks are very colourful. Nice contributions, Joanne.

    I am still thinking, this thinking cap totally ruined my hair do and my brain is still mushy, not working on this one. Maybe later ?

  5. "Here comes the bride..."

    Terrific shot.

    A light repast.

  6. That lonely glass of wine is really a photo full of deep meanings. the fireworks came out quite well and I love the procession.

  7. Joanne you really captured the essence of the theme. The photo of the bride is a great candid shot. I like the fireworks photo too. The last image leaves it open for interpretation.

  8. Joanne, your photos are really nice! Lovely shot of the bride...very artistic firworks photo ... the last is my favourite... very simple and so nice composition...