Saturday, 5 January 2013

PT CLXXXI - Scene/Seen On the Streets

A cobble street in a little village called Domsten north of ours.
The parapet on the northern beach of my hometown Helsingborg.
One of the most famous Swedish comedians of the 20th Century - Nils Poppe - who performed wonderful comedies each summer at the open air stage here in the Fredriksdal open air museum, Helsingborg.


  1. Hi Anders. Three nice takes on the theme. Lovely old cobbled street in the first shot. I love old villages like that. Looks like a good walk along the parapet at Helsingborg. Nice little statue of Poppe.

  2. Thanks Mitch, it was a lovely bike tour in summer of 08 when i took that shot. Indeed a lot of people take walks there on fair days. :) he was a terrific actor.

  3. Nice takes on the theme, Anders! Cobble streets make nice shot and yours is not an exception... I would like to walk along that parapet and look at the sea now and then... Love sculptures, either they are big or small...

  4. Thanks Belita. Indeed they lend an air of the olden days. This was from the last of three series I shot in Helsingborg.m:)

  5. I love the cobblestones. I would love to roam around that village!

  6. Three lovely photos. I read a Swedish criminal book recently centered in Helsingborg but cannot remember the title. A very beautiful town.

  7. Cobblestone road, very unique.
    Your beach seems very quiet, nice shot.
    Meeting a comedian on the street, not a bad idea.

  8. I too would love to meander around that village Anders. It looks very inviting. A bit like "I wonder what's on the other side of this hill."

    That is some walk along the beach in your home town. I can imagine a nice cool breeze egging you on.

    As for the bronze of Nils Poppe, awesome.

  9. Thanks my friends.

    Thanks, Danette. It was wonderful that day when I biked around Domsten.

    Thanks, Pat. Indeed it is - lots of places to photograph.

    Thanks, Marcel. Indeed - too few are left in Sweden. On fair days people takes walks there. :) very much so.

    Thanks, Shayna. Indeed I loved it too. It was a lovely fair day. It is a wonderful tribute to him.

  10. All fabulous photos, Anders. Is it hard to walk on those cobblestones? Love the walkway along the water - looks like a really nice place for a stroll. Thanks so much for posting :-)

  11. Thanks Joanne. It is pretty hard. Indeed it is a lovely place to take a walk on.

  12. Great photo's .... all of them, but Love that cobbled street ...