Saturday, 19 January 2013

PT #183: Five Senses

This man is demonstrating how apple butter was made by the first European settlers in this area. Intoxicating aroma in the autumn air.


A grasshopper on a prickly jimson weed pod.


Seeing how I look and taking a picture at the same time.

  Self portrait


  1. Love your three shots, Benni! I have never heard of apple butter, but I believe it tastes good. Awesome shot of the grasshopper... it's incredible how insects can touch prickly pods and not feel uncomfortable. You look great in the mirror. Very good idea you had! Thanks, Benni!

    1. Thank you, Belita! Apple butter is a very thick applesauce. Apple trees here produce huge numbers of apples and preserving them through the winter was a challenge. People hit on boiling them for hours in copper cauldrons, stirring, until they had applesauce so thick it was the consistency of a thick paste. Then they put it in jars and spread it on bread like one would spread butter. They also added maple syrup and sometimes spices if they had them.

      I'm delighted you like my pictures.

  2. Hi Benni!! Three great shots you've chosen for Belita's theme. I was going to ask you about the 'apple butter' but then I read your reply to Belita, and that gave me the answer :-)) Fabulous shot of the grasshopper!! You probably know I love insect-macros, and that's a good one!! Great idea for a self-portrait....nice to see you!!

  3. 3 good shots. Apple butter sounds interesting. We don't see grasshoppers like that in Switherland. very ornate. Good idea with the self portrait as you do not see the camera.

  4. Great shot

    "Im jest hangin'."


  5. Love the idea of that apple butter ... I can well imagine the wonderful smell when cooking.
    The grasshopper macro is gorgeous ... absolutely love the colours.
    What a stunning frame that mirror has ... too beautiful.

  6. Wow Benni, those shots are fantastic.

    Wish I was so good as you. LOL I have a Long way to go yet.

  7. These are very cool I like them all;)

  8. I bet the smells coming from the apple butter being made are awesome. Nice that you could capture its creation. The grass hopper on the ball of thorns is so nice and sharp too. Very nice. Self portraits are always fun.

  9. Very nice choices... I would never have guessed what apple butter was... I think we have something similar here but they make it with apples and pears, it's brown and very thick, it's called "sirop de Liège"... healthier than Nutella to spread on your bread! I love the picture of the grass hopper very much and you could take a self portrait without your camera taking the whole picture :) !

  10. Very good set How lucky to get the grasshopper before he jumped off

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  12. Benni....wonderful Photos..All Three!!!