Saturday, 5 January 2013

Picture This Challenge 181 - Scene / Seen On The Streets

Barcelona is a city that doesn't sleep at night

Barcelona street at night

Street artist on the street in Saint Marcel, where I was born

Street artist.

Man reading newspaper at park in Saint Marcel

Man reading in the park.


  1. Hi Marcel!! Three great shots for this theme. Lovely shot of Barcelona at night. A very talented street-artist in the second shot. I like the pigeon strolling through the third shot :-))

  2. Great shots, Marcel! Fantastic shot of Gaudi's fantasy... The three artworks by that street painter depict well her talent.. love this! Nice composition in the third photo. Was the pigeon walking towards the man reading?

  3. Marcel, Barcelona is not foreign to me, you present its night so nicely.

    The artist seemed very absorbed in her own work.

    I like how the man, the pigeon, and the sculpture leads my eyes going around the photo. I like this one the best.:)

  4. Marcel wonderful especially the first one but the artist is great to

  5. Impressive facade.

    Great artwork

    The man, a paper and a bird.

  6. St. Marcel is beautiful. I can see why your parents would name you after such a lovely place. I love the architecture of the top building and the lighting. The artist is really good (what a fun job!). I could sit in the park in the bottom shot drinking cappuccino relaxing anytime *sigh*

  7. Wonderful photos. I nearly went to Barcelona once, wish I had. My husband is also a Marcel, but he never had a town named after him. Wonderful scenery and what a lovely place to grow up in.

  8. What a beautiful shot of a stunning building. I have only ever seen the like of it in Fantasy Shots. How I wish I could see it for myself.

    The street artist is very good. I like all three of her paintings especially the dog.

    The man in the park one looks to be cold all wrapped up as he is. Love the pigeon strutting his stuff and the bronze is beautiful.

  9. Love the night shot of the city - the lighting is fantastic. The artist sure is talented - if I was there, I'd probably buy something! The park looks like a beautiful place to relax! Thanks for posting :-)

  10. What an interesting building that is in the first shot!! I also love the lighting on the roof ... wonderful capture!