Monday, 28 January 2013

Picture This 184 - Celebrations And Fireworks

Picture This Celebrations and Fireworks.

  Black Horse Parade

Mexican Parade


Dancers in Parade


Horses in Parade


  1. I love the photo at the top by Kia. Perfect!

  2. Your top photo is amazing Sue, you have got the horse coming out of the photo, love it!
    The colours in your middle one would make anyone want to dance.
    Autumn and the wild west carriage in the bottom one are fabulous too.

  3. Terrific trio of shots, Sue. I especially love the dancers.

  4. Hi Sue!! Good to see you taking part. Three excellent shots. That first one is fabulous, I wanted to reach out and stroke the horse's nose!! Wonderful colours of the dancers on the second shot. Is the stagecoach leaving or arriving? The funniest part of that shot is the guy with the shovel walking along behind!!! LOL.

  5. would give my right arm to own that horse in the top photo, has such a lovely face and a gentle eye. Wonderful shots of the parade, what kind of celebration was it, looks very Mexican or Spanish the people. Bet an interesting story behind, do tell us Sue????? Smiles and colours all over. Did it rain?? ( do not let it rain on your parade, comes to mind *smile*)

    1. The horse was taken at a parade. They were the Mexican
      horsemen. I was taking this picture and the horse licked
      my camera. He was a very high strung horse.. Kind of scary.

      Yes on the bottom picture it rained it was in October.

  6. Sue, very colorful celebrations! Love them all... excellent movement of the skirts in the middle one...

  7. The Cisco Kid rides again, love that top photo with the horse. Lovely colourful dresses and a real wild west parade.

  8. oh Susan these are all so colorful and wonderful