Sunday, 6 January 2013

Picture This 181 - Street Scene/Seen

Finally made it. Photobucket. I think Flickr has it in for me?
This is my 66 chey malibu - candy red.. on the street at a car show ...
I think this Dog is looking at me.. Kind of scary..

Fenders on Front Street


  1. Hi Sue!! I'd just seen the problem you were having with the previous post and was about to send you some helpful instructions, but looks like you've sorted it out yourself. I've deleted the earlier attempt.

    Was worth the wait though, that Chevy is awesome!! What a beauty!! That's one big dog!! I think his father was part-Clydesdale!! LOL. Nice street scene in the third shot.

  2. Thanks Mitch Inwas so frustrated. I have ended up with about 4 accounts on Flickr. I need to delete, but I am not sure which one because of I&W posting there? Is it ok to do photobucket? I had to do direct link.
    Thanks for deleting those for me.. Your the best...

    1. Yes, using Photobucket is fine. I think of the members who post regularly on PT, it's an even split between Flickr users and Photobucket users.

      This post is formatted just right, so if you can't get your Flickr accounts sorted out, just post future entries like this from Photobucket.

  3. That is one awesome car you have there Sue.
    I'm sure that horse was posing for you but it did have a mean look in it's eyes.
    Amazing how many people like to look at awesome cars aye.

  4. LOL all very good that doggie is huge

  5. Now that is some car!

    "Whatchoo lookin' at?"


  6. Impressive car, but just a little bit too big for me. Love that doggy photo and an interesting street scene, something for me completely different.

  7. What a nice car!
    Watch out! that big fellow is watching you!
    Looks like many people went to see those nice cars.

  8. I absolutely LOVE that car!!! A friend of mine had one, but hers was yellow. I like yours better!

    That dog could have both of mine for lunch! He's huge!

    I love classic car shows, but they don't have a lot around here, especially in the winter. You sure see some beauties!

  9. Very lively street scenes in the first and the third shots...nice dog!

  10. I had to smile when I saw those BIG red classics ... so you!!! ..
    Great captures, all of them!