Sunday, 13 January 2013

Picture This #182 - Four Legs

Black Bear




  1. Terrific shots, Joanne. That black bear looks like he is plotting an escape; his fur looks so fluffy too. Your tortoise is maybe a relative of mine, making her slow way along. And I just love the elephant, nicely done with the greenery in the background and old logs that are his color too.

  2. Hi Honey!! Great shots you've chosen for the theme!! He's a beautiful black bear, such a thick heavy coat. Where did you take this? Was it at the rescue/zoo (can't remember the name of the place)? The tortoise looks in a hurry to get somewhere. LOL. Nice shot of the elephant, too. :-))

    1. The bear and tortoise live at Popcorn Park Zoo. The elephant lives in Florida

  3. nice shots, when I get back home maybe I'll find some time to post something

  4. I love those three photos. The bear looks like he is posing for the photo and the tortoise might be trying to escape, but no rush. Wonderful capture of the elefant.

  5. ... one kind of feels as though one could snuggle into that soft and fluffy teddy ~smile~ ... love the elephant shot, but I am an elephant lover. Ceirra has been wanting a tortoise for ages now ... perhaps this shot of yours will suffice ~grin~ ... great shots all of them.

  6. I really like your three shots, Joanne! Is the bear missing his mate? He looks a bit lonesome. Fine shot of the tortoise... love the detail of the legs. Although the elephant is not walking with his trunk facing upwards, I love his attitude...

  7. All 3 very nice... the bear's fur looks so soft... I love the little pyramids on the tortoise's carapace and the elephant doesn't look as if he lived in a zoo...

  8. Love all three Joanne but the bear tore at my heartstrings. He looks a little on the sad side to me.
    The Tortoise has the, I am the smartest of them all and own my space.
    Perfect shot of the elephant.

  9. Awesome shots as always Joanne nice work;)