Sunday, 13 January 2013

Picture This #182 - Four Legs

Hello everyone.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

 So this weeks topic was Four legs.
Well this first one is of a four legger look alike. But this one is up on two.
Really keeping warm inside that outfit.
Now one from the yard. Late afternoon sunlight and lots of seed to steal. The birds are having to wait it out. But I am sure the squirrel will leave them something.


 And one more shot for fun.



  1. All great photos. The first - just lol, very imaginative. A very well fed and happy squirrel and the cattle (or whatever). I am sure he was looking straight into the camera and smiling for that one.

  2. Hi Randall!! Great collection of photos for the theme!! Laughed out loud at the first one :-)) That's one funny shot. The squirrel is obviously hungry, but the animal in the third shot is saying "I couldn't eat another thing....I'm stuffed!!" LOL.

  3. Ha ha you got that last one right Mitch.

  4. Nice series of pictures... I laughed at the first one too... Squirrels are so cute with their little hands and their big tail... Nice colours in the last one!

  5. Hi Randall, long time no see and must say, great to see you again.

    love all of your photos but must say the first one tickled me pink. LOL

  6. Different shots of four legs, yet all excellent... I can't say which is my favourite but the third from the top is special at my eyes...

  7. Wonderful shots Randall love em all mate;)

  8. Fabulous dog! Love the rich colors of the squirrel. The only way I wish to run into that 3rd beast is if he is stuffed.

  9. love them all especially the first one