Saturday, 26 January 2013

Picture This 184: Fireworks and Celebrations

I am not a carnival person, but a few years ago I did venture to our carnival procession to take a few photos and here is one of them. It is quite a big thing in the area where I live in Switzerland, being a catholic Kanton

Solothurn Carnival 2007
These candles were part of our Christmas celebrations. 

Kranz 4
I took this photo on 1st August this year on our national day in Switzerland. In the distance there was a firework display and this was the effect it had against the surrounding trees. Sorry for the pixel storm on the photo, but I only had my iPhone with me for taking photos.
Schanz, Solothurn, 1st August


  1. Nice selection of photos. I love the photo from the carnival. I like the way the trees in the background are illuminated from the fireworks display.

  2. Funny, I love the one with the "pixel storm" very much; it is a unique way to capture fireworks. I love the trumpet player and the candles are marvelous.

  3. Wonderful costume. Lovely candles and fireworks.

  4. Nice entries. The candles photo is my favorite.

  5. Hi Pat!! Great entries for the theme. Love the costume of the trumpet-playing character in the first shot. Beautiful shot of the candles, very warm and inviting. The last shot looks really spooky!!

  6. Pat, your three photos are really good. Love the costume in the top one. Very warm atmosphere in the 2nd and the third is very intriguing...