Friday, 25 January 2013

Lynda's Picture This 183: 5 Senses

See a Texas Panhandle Sunrise

_DSC1819 copy

Smell a Blooming Flower

_DSC1670copy copy

Feel a Hot Fire

_DSC1512 copy


  1. Hi Lynda!! Only just got it posted in time, the new theme will be posted Saturday!! Beautiful sunset, you always get great sunsets there in the panhandle. Lovely flower shot, nice framing-effect. Wonderful shot of the fire, I can feel the heat from here!!

    1. I just haven't had much time for Blog Spot and a lot of other things lately

  2. You have entered three amazing images Lynda.
    Striking colours and beautifully edited all three are wonderful.

  3. Three very good photos. Great sunrise, interesting flower photo and love the intense colours showing the heat of the fire.

  4. In the first shot I lightened the flags so they would show a bit more than the original photo, the 2nd was edited some as I played with elements and the out of bounds is a guided feature on elements, the last shot really was that intense with color.