Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My News ............ in short .........

I promise I will get to the challenge, 4 legs, darling pat, have been busy and not in the mood for posting, it will happen, I promise.

For those of you that have been praying for my friend Hem, thank you. Hem went home to Our Lord on Friday morning early, so we have been busy sorting stuff out for the funeral, which will be on Thursday. I am putting up some family here by us as Les is short of space, as you know we are busy converting to a bed and breakfast so I have 2 double rooms and a single that is ready and a double bathroom . Obviously still running our Office Supplies business, so life is pretty hectic.

My son has moved girlfriend in, just to add to my stress, but at least they are now both working and has promised to start paying soon (whenever soon will be, is another matter)

Our darling Kerry, my step daughter, is pregnant, it is a girl and she is half way already, due 2nd June

That's it for now, see you laters, I tend to hang out on FB when time permits, takes less energy

32 degrees C here, blue skyes, humidity of 75, so in shorts and strappy T , sweltering in office



  1. No rush Marianne, Take your time. Sometimes life can get on top of us I know.

  2. Hi Marianne. Sorry to hear about Hem. He fought for so long, but at least now he is at rest. Take your time, we'll all still be here when you feel like taking part again. ((HUGS))

  3. Ill be thinking of you, dear Marianne. take care and god bless.

  4. Thank you all, the service was today, it was beautiful. Now up to us left behind to soldier on and to take care of Les, so she can carry on living, that is what Hem would have wanted.

  5. I did comment on your earlier post Marianne. *Haven't been back to my site yet as I am doing the groups first.*

    I am always thinking of you and love how so caring you are. I do believe I am going to nick-name you Angel because that is what you are.