Monday, 14 January 2013

Picture This 182 - 4 legs

4 legged Piggy at the Public Market in Seattle.
Ugly 4 legged Dog

Sorry Mitch but blogger would only let me put the direct link in....All other s they would not take.


  1. Hi Mitch
    I posted 640x480...But everything on your site is huge..I have been having problems posting hope to get it figured out.
    It would only accept my direct link in the url box--sorry.

  2. Yes if you need to delete these feel free to do so. It was not just my photo's that were large it was everyone's.. This is so strange..

  3. Love all of your pictures Sue especially the pig.

    I have found there is a problem between Blogger and Java and it is causing me problems. Blogger won't let me do some things and come up with..."Java is void."
    I am not sure just what to do there but will try and find out when my head is not felling as if it belongs to a stranger. LOL

    1. I've not heard anyone else mention an incompatibility issue with Java on Blogger. I suspect the Java on your computer is corrupted.

  4. Hi Sue!! I can't see what the problem is, you seem to have posted in just the same way as last week. The photos are the correct size and when I check the posting method, it's showing posted via HTML from Photobucket, so it's fine. No need to delete anything.

    Love the piggie, is he pottery? Those Pugs are funny-looking little dogs :-)) Lovely shot of the horse.

  5. Thanks so much Mitch i really appreciate your help.
    I don't know why the pictures are disappearing. Just that they are. How
    much storage does blogger give us?
    I posted fine when I used the direct link, but any other way blogger wont accept it. I saved your email address. I may be emailing you.. This is getting discouraging.Maybe it is a setting on my blogger page I need to change?
    I will keep trying..
    I think the Pig is bronze.

  6. Hello Sue! Everything seems OK with your blog; it's perhaps because you're used to Muzenews where everything is so small that you have the feeling things are big here :)! I love your pictures especially the horse!

  7. This little piggie went to town...

    "How do you do?"

    Great shot of the horse.

  8. Lovely little piggy. I had to laugh at the dog. He is not ugly, just if looks could kill sort of thing. Love the horse.

  9. Very good 3 shots, Sue! The pig is my favourite. Is he a brass pig?

  10. Love your shots ... that little dog is rather endearing ~smile~ ... my favorite is the horse!

  11. I love the pig!! The colors are so rich and expressive. I like your angle as well.