Monday, 28 January 2013

Picture This #184 ~ Celebrations Or Fireworks

~ Celebrations ~

Party Celebrations

 photo partyc_zps9a8fad9e.jpg

Family Celebrations

 photo party_zps4e34d5df.jpg

Celebrations of Life

 photo celebrations_zpse8253287.jpg

~ oOo ~ 


  1. Beautiful shot of the apple.

    Cool gang.


  2. Hi Lynne!! Three really great celebration shots for Anders' theme. That balloon looks a bit lonely in the first shot. Was the party over by then? Great shot of a family gathering in the second. I hope that water wasn't too cold for Ceirra in the last shot, looks like she's about to get a major splash!! LOL.

  3. I thought it was an apple, but yes, it is probably a balloon. all three shots are very good.

  4. I had the same thought as Pat... an apple!!! Love your three shots but the top one for its simplicity is my favourite.

  5. Your top one is so unique and creative. I love it. I also like the family get-together but the little girl on the bottom is just marvelous. What joy there is in children!! Nice job.

  6. The top photo is creative. I love the lighting. The little girl in the last photo is a great image.

  7. My immediate thought was apple then I had a closer look and saw it is a balloon. beautiful shot Lynne.
    Get togethers are always fun and love your daughter, so full of life. bet she keeps you fit. LOL

  8. I agree with Belita, the balloon is a winner, simple and effective, well done. Looks like a great bunch of okes, together with a beer and a braai ?? LOL ................ the little girl is wonderful, can simply just hear her squeals of joy in the waves. Nice job, Lynne.