Saturday, 12 January 2013

Picture This Challenge 182: Four Legs

This was a real challenge and I had to go back into my archives to find 4 legged creatures. It was a fun trip into my old pictures and I came up with these three:

A friendly gopher turtle ambled out of the jungle on the edge of the beach looking for straw and grass to eat.


One of my favorite Christmas presents was this bronze leopard. I wanted to find a different background for him than the carpet, but I liked the way the sun was coming through the cobalt blue vase on the window sill. I think he is a replica of a leopard found in Cleopatra's palace.


This picture was not taken by me! I am the person being used as furniture by the cat and this is how I often find myself blogging on chilly mornings.



  1. Love tat last photo and you got a neat present

  2. Hi Benni !! Good to see you taking part again. Three terrific shots!! Great shot of the turtle on the beach. Must be difficult to pull yourself forward in soft sand like that. I love that bronze leopard!! I'd like one of those myself!! I also like the blue tint from the vase. Honey definately looks comfortable!! LOL. That's cats for you, as long as they are comfortable, it doesn't matter about anyone else.

  3. Great pictures of all them ... but love that leopard. Definitely has an Egyptian look to him. What a gorgeous kitty!

  4. "I might not have the speed of the hare but I can beat him by sheer persistance and stamina."

    Wonderful statuette.


  5. Just love those shots. Great study of turtle life a lovely leapard. We have a cyber cat as well so I would bet ours was mailing yours, or perhaps they were both posting in pawbook.

  6. Three terrific shots for the theme, Benni!

  7. Fantastic picture of the turtle... I like how that vase colours the picture blue and about the last one... familiar for me too :)

  8. Can't help but smile at you kitty Benni, bet you feel loved to bits there.
    The bronze is awesome and I am jealous. I would a pair of them.
    The turtle is in a world of it's own and a great shot.

  9. awe all great shots especially the last