Saturday, 5 January 2013

Picture This Challenge #181 - Scene/Seen on the Streets

Hello all. Joanne here and I'll be your host for this week's challenge. The theme I've chosen for this  challenge is Scene/Seen on the Streets. Photos taken of street scenes, people or objects seen while you were out and about. Most of my photos are landscapes or landmarks, so even I had to hunt for something to post!!! I know you all will have something good to show!

My first photo was something I came across in New Hope, Pennsylvania while walking and looking in windows of antique shops. This wasn't in the window - it was in an alley adjacent to the shop. Why? I have no idea!!!

My second was taken at Poole Harbor in Dorset, England while visiting Baz with Mitch:
Poole Harbor-12

And my last, a place where you'll never know what you'll see - Times Square in New York City:

The rules are over there on the right rail -------->. Looking forward to seeing yours!


  1. "Ok, friends, all together now!"

    Wonderful shot of the promenade and the centre of the famous centre of New York.

  2. Hi Honey, great theme you've chosen!! I love that first shot, the look on Liberty's face makes me laugh, it seems to be saying "How the hell did I end up here??" LOL. Lovely shot of Pool Harbour, was a nice place to visit. Yep ,there's always something going on in Times Square. Another place I enjoyed visiting!!

  3. Joanne, I like your choice of theme, one of my favourites. Love your three. All different, all excellent shots. If I had passed by all that stuff, I would have also pointed my camera at it. Lively promenade... and the photo of Time Square, well, no need to add any's Times Square!

  4. Awesome theme! I love your rop for it's originality and its just plain ole fun! The bottom two have lots of interest as well though they are totally different they have that city feel to them.

  5. The first photo is really good, an interesting mixture. You have seen more of England than I have - Poole is a lovely town and a great capture. I stayed in a hotel on I think 47th street, near Times Square. A fantastic photo subject.The view from our hotel room was almost the same as your photo.

  6. I like the theme you choose.
    Three great photos!

  7. A great theme Joanne and I really like your photos. I still get to see places I have never been to, and not likely to.

  8. That first shot is intriguing ... it does look as though its arranged .. so perhaps its to stall people passing by ... I know I certainly would stop to look ~smile~
    Great picture of Poole Harbour ....