Saturday, 19 January 2013

Picture This #183: Five Senses

Water is not just water according to cat logic. It is like wine - it matures and it depends from the consistency of the earth which deeply influences the taste. At least that is the logic according to Nera cat when she is having a tasting session.

Nera lapping water

To hear is important, especially if you are having a serious practice on the drums in the hobby room (psst - don't tell Mr. Swiss about the action photo).

photocourse - movement 043

What are we eating. It was a first aid group practice to test how it is if one of your senses is missing. This time we could not see and had to taste and guess what it was. Although taken with my camera I am sitting on the right at the front.
Im Reich der Sinne  08.05.1008


  1. Hi Pat!! A great selection of shots for the theme. Nera certainly seems to be savouring the flavour!! Good shot of Mr Swiss at his kit. I see this is a digital kit, does he have a standard kit, too? Did you correctly guess what the taste was in that last shot?

    1. Mr. Swiss has two full kits. One in his rehearsal rooms where he practices with the band, and one at home. He got the digital kit not to make too much noise, but he also has his second kit in the hobby room and now and again might practice on them. The room is not sound proofed so we don't want to annoy any of the neighbours, although during the day there are not so many people around. He often uses the cymbals instead of the digital stuff. I cannot remember what we were eating. this was about two years ago.

  2. Wonderful shot of the cat.

    Terrific drummer pic and the photo of the test group.

  3. All great captures.
    One can actually seek Nera's tongue in that shot ... too precious.
    Love the capture of Mr Swiss ... Ceirra got a drum kit for Christmas and I am wondering now whether we should perhaps of got the digital kit instead ...
    Tasting blindfolded is quite a challenge sometimes ... you all look a little pensive there ~smile~

  4. Of course Nera is the best photo even though he is a bit of a Dive. LOL

    I would love to know what you were eating, great shot.

    Mr Swiss is really concentrating on what he is doing I bet he didn't realise a sneaky pic was being taken of him playing.

  5. Great pics and insight into kitty behavior. Yes, water is not just water to them. I like how you got her discerning tongue in the picture.

    My husband would be very interested in jamming with Mr. Swiss! I like the action aspect of this shot as well.

    Yes, you do all look a bit pensive or apprehensive - what a great exercise though. Perfect for the theme.

  6. All the three shots are perfect for the theme... can't help but smile with Nera photo, perfectly captured as well. Excellent shot of Mr. Swiss enjoying his hobby... He looks very professional...I can almost hear the beautiful sound of the drums... No matter what you were eating, I like the photo for what it represents... very interesting and useful test... we never know which sense we may lose in the future... Thanks, Pat!

  7. Great takes on the theme as always Pat;)

  8. LIke the candid shots of the taste test and the drum playing. HE he always keep the camera ready for those types of shots. The cat is loving his dish too.

  9. A interesting set on the set subject, wish I had a set of drums like that, use to play back in the late 60's

  10. Fantastic shots Pat! Without reading your name I knew number 1 was of the cat specialist... I won't tell Mr Swiss... but you should tell him that's a very interesting picture! Not possible to find a better example for taste :) !!

  11. I love all three of your photos Pat but my fav has to be the made me LOL!!!