Monday, 21 January 2013

Picture This 183 ~~~ The Five Senses:





  1. Three great shots for the theme. Nice reflections in the bottom shot. Very delicate flower with a nice colour... its fragrance must smell good... I would feel fearful if I saw such eyes looking at me... Thanks for your participation!

  2. I am certainly glad that lion does not have me in her sights! The middle picture is a wonderful macro and you have very good taste in Scotch.

  3. Cheers, all great, the first would instill a feeling right about then, RUN!

  4. Hi Chaz, welcome to the group!! Good to see your first participation, and three great shots to kick off with. Great shot of the lioness, very intense stare you've captured. Lovely flower shot, that's the kind of shot I take a LOT of during the summer months!! Very nice still-life of the drinks bottles, excellent reflections.

    While it's not compulsory, you're encouraged to visit and comment on the other members' entries. They're a really friendly bunch, of varying skill levels in their photography.

  5. The lioness is a great capture.beautiful details on the flower and very good effects on the drinks.

  6. Hi Chaz, I am sure that lioness was sizing you up for dinner. The look on her face was saying a lot. LOL Beautiful photo.

    The flower is my favourite colour and so delicate. Great shot.

    I believe the Whisky is the best you can by and another great shot.

  7. Simba

    Beautiful flower

    A light repast.

  8. All three excellent captures.
    The lioness is a fantastic capture and it looks like she means business too.
    Lovely detail on the flower and the drinks look very inviting. I love the lighting and the reflection on the glass table.

  9. Nice choices! The lion is staring right into your lense... I always like flowers and the reflection in the last one is fantastic!