Monday, 21 January 2013

Picture This 183 ~~~ The Five Senses:


She was my baby who loved cuddles.


This is what Ali had for brunch on my birthday last year.


Part Of my garden. Do you see the new brickwork I have done right by the drive?

 Made it. LOL


  1. Love that pussy cat Shayna.
    The food looks really tasty..Yum.
    Your garden and all your hard work is showing Beautifully!!

  2. Oh I can well imagine cuddles with that kitty ... too beautiful.
    Delicious plate of yummy divine temptation ... Looks amazing!
    Reaping the benefits of the seeds you have sown ~smile~ ... too lovely!

  3. Hi Shayna!! Good to see you taking part. Muffin certainly was a very fluffy cat!! Very cuddly. That's a very fancy-looking dish in the second shot. Your garden looks really good in that third shot :-))

  4. Wonderful photos.

    "Im cold and tired."

    Delicious quartet.

    The straight and narrow.

  5. I love that cat..he is a Persian, isn't he? He reminds me of one I had a few years ago that died during a surgery... since then, no more pets... Nice shot of a good selection of sweets and those strawberries bathed in chocolate.... I wish I had a garden like did a good job... Thanks, Shayna!

    1. Yes Belita, she was a Persian and was also the most affectionate cat I have ever had. I still miss her a great deal because of that.
      Loves Minx to bits too but she is not so much into cuddles. She would rather play as she is only four years old. She does bring me presents from outside that I would rather she didn't. LOL

  6. Your pussy cat is so sweet! And the brickwork is very nicely done; it's not easy to lay brick down like that. My favorite is the wonderful picture of the berry nice birthday brunch. So well taken!

  7. Muffin does have the hair going on there. He he The plate looks very nice. Sweet! Awesome flower bed! I know that is a lot of work, but it is paying you back with the smells and the beauty.

  8. Love the feline, doesn't look very happy but perhaps she was not in the mood for a photo session. A very colourful appetising brunch and I love the garden border, especially the brickwork. the dot on the "i"

  9. Thank you for all of your encouraging comments.

  10. Well I just want to eat #2 any left over?

  11. What a lovely cat... and how sad she's left this world...
    What's on that plate looks so beautiful, I'm sure it was delicious too...
    I would like the smell of flowers in the garden just now... (we've got plenty of snow for more than a week now)