Monday, 14 January 2013


Yes, I've been absent for several weeks because "December-things" are difficult for me and moreover life wasn't just a routine these days...  :)
At first, I thought I didn't have "four legs pictures" only six legs, but finally it was difficult to choose between all those I'd found!

No special comments for my 1st one: I like it because the colours are pleasant, you can see the movement and the efforts of the horse...


My second choice is more difficult to explain... but I just had to ... Three years ago, on January, the 14th Daniel had a stroke and never became conscious anymore... He adored that picture... I'm a country girl and he was a town citizen... I feel more concerned by Monsanto and the disappearance of bees than by the deshumanization of people living in town...  Perhaps that kind of message is just "too much" for me to be able to like it without restrictions...

Been somewhere. Going somewhere...

Last one... just for the smile! Taken in Cancale " the "oyster capital" of Brittany...



  1. And interesting first picture and good shot. The second certainly has something fourth dimension about it. I have never eaten an oyster. It looks like those people are really making a feast out of it. A very good angle.

  2. Hi Kia!! Good to see you taking part again :-)) Love that first has speed, grace and power combined with pastel colours. Very good. I like the impressionistic effect of the second shot. I guess today's date must be very difficult for you. Nice third shot, looks like the father is explaining to the children how oysters are eaten.

  3. Hi Kia, I agree with Mitch and especially like the first shot. It really is beautiful.

    I also like the unusual take in the second, hurry hurry!

    That is one nice looking family who obviously care about each other. I like the atmosphere of that one.

  4. Kia your first picture is magical. I love it.
    i also love the other two. very nice.

  5. Kia, your three photos are impressive to me, the top one, namely!

  6. Oh what a great set of pictures ... particularly like the last one ... four perfectly different legs!! Great shot. The colours in the first one are simply gorgeous. What a wonderful ride that must be .... along the beach!

  7. Three great shots! I would llove to be riding in the cart (I am sure there is a better name) on the beach in the morning. There appears to be something in the far background, which can just be seen over the horse's head. Do you know what it is? My favorite is the family - what a brilliant take on the theme!

    1. Benni, on the other side (30km away) it's England and there's nothing in between except many boats... honnestly, I've wondered too :)