Saturday, 19 January 2013

Picture This #183 ~Five Senses~

~ Five Senses ~

taste photo taste_zpsc2a318c7.jpg

touch photo touchh_zpsab154acb.jpg

smell photo smell_zpsd3035890.jpg

~ oOo ~


  1. Terrific trio.

    Awfully cute gal.

    Touching photo of the hands.

    Wonderful flower.

  2. Hi Lynne!! I see you're really getting into participating in PT now :-)) Three terrific choices for the theme!! Cierra is really enjoying those chips!! Love that middle shot, very touching (no pun intended). I can almost smell that blossom in the third shot.

  3. I'm pleased to see you, Lynne, participating in this Challenge, and more pleased I am when I look at your three photos that I like so very much. Do you think that girl would accept sharing her meal with me? Her eyes are telling me how the French fries are pleasant to her taste. The flowers shot is beautiful and very clear in detail. Sorry, I'm not sure of their name, though they are familiar to me. Here, in Portugal, they are often used to decorate the church interior for wedding ceremonies. Thank you, Lynne, for your contributions...

  4. Very nice! Now my mouth is watering for a french fry and I can smell the apple blossoms! How nice to have a medley of hands touching each other. Really very well done.

  5. 3 very good photos. She looks like she is enjoying the taste - great capture. A good idea with the angle on the hands and love the flowers.

  6. Love all three Lynne, but the flower one jumped out at me. Stunning.

  7. Love the last shot of the flowers. Very nice! The hands are a wonderful pick for this challenge as well as the fry. He he

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of the little girl eating so much!
    Nice symbol of the hands and I've chosen the same flowers as you for my number 3!

  9. Fantastic photos Lynne....You know that girl of yours is so gorgeous!!!
    Hands on hands..powerful in so many ways...Love this shot.
    You are a Flower queen and this one, number three shot, is Glorious!!!