Saturday, 13 April 2013

PT CXCV ~ Tunnel Or Arch

Taken on a visit to the Sofiero Castle Garden. Eastern path which leads from the centre well.
 photo Shadowed_Path.jpg
This was taken at a visit to the Norra Åsum church.
 photo DSC_0618.jpg
Taken on a visit to my cousin who lives in a small community near the beach in Eastern Scania.
 photo Ahus_bryggan.jpg


  1. hej hej anders three cool shots the first one resembles mitch's pic

  2. Hi Anders!! There ya go, I knew you'd have some shots somewhere :-)) I really like that first shot, very similar to my first shot. Nice 'tunnel' of trees at the church. Good shot of the archway to the pier in the third shot. Is that your cousin in the red t-shirt?

  3. Really something completely different from Sweden. I like all three espcially the third which definitely has a Swedish atmosphere about it.

  4. Very pretty arched trellises over the garden path. I love the shadows on the pathway.

    That second shot is lovely. I'd like to visit there and photograph it, myself!

    Interesting pavillion in the third and the water is such a pretty blue!

  5. Wonderful, the middle one definitely my favorite, greys and whites but with a little bit of color.

  6. the top one is very inviting! the walkway to the house and the pier on the bottom are both lovely as well

  7. Thanks Debbby, Benni & Danette.

  8. I like your three arches, Anders! The third from the top is really very original..