Friday, 12 April 2013

Picture This #195 ~ Tunnel Or Arch

Well, I think I said I was going to go out with my camera, but it is 2ºC/36ºF so I am staying indoors today.

Archway at Caspersen

An archway to the sea. My mind is still in the warm climes of Florida.

Solomon Seals

An arch of Solomon's Seals in a purple vase.

Michigan Capitol

An archway and alcove at the Michigan State Capitol building. This one has a bit of a story; there was to be a pro-Labor demonstration the next day and I went the day before to check out the building. To my surprise there were hundreds of police there, all with firearms, and they were practicing and organizing. I didn't want to be noticed so I used a railing as my tripod. There were so many police, and I knew there would be so many demonstrators, that I decided against going. I am sorry I didn't go; for the most part it was a very peaceful protest even though over 5,000 union members were there.


  1. Oh to be in Florida - such a lovely frame. Good take with the arch of the plant and the third is really one of those lucky chance shots - very interesting.

  2. Really paradisiacal.

    Beautiful arc of flowers

    Wonderful shot of the Orchestra corner.

  3. hi benni, three lovely shots but the second one is amazing. ciao ciao

  4. All beautiful takes on the theme very nice work;)

  5. HI Benni !! Three lovely takes on the theme. I like how you framed the ocean with an archway of trees on the first one. Beautiful floral arch in the second shot, Not a plant I'm familiar with. A good 'chance' shot in the last photo, and an interesting story behind it!! See you when I return from my US trip :-))

  6. Benni, these are wonderful. The first is very romantic and the second one, well, it's my favorite of the three. Your Solomon's Seal really stands out beautifully against that window screen.

  7. ...oh, very pretty building in the third...glad the protests turned out to be peaceful.

  8. I don't blame you for going out in those temps!
    I like the lighting in the middle one, the architecture in the last one and the natural shape of the top one (bet you wish your were there)

  9. Your staying at home didn't refrain you from posting three beautiful arches. The amazing second shot is my favourite.... really beautiful and very creative...