Saturday, 6 April 2013

Picture This #194 - Abandoned

Hello, everyone. Joanne here and I'll be your host for this week. I don't know if its just me, but its getting harder and harder to come up with a theme! After thinking about it, I've come up with the theme of  "Abandoned". I'm sure that most of you, in your travels, have come across something that's been abandoned - a building, a car, something that's been unloved for a long time and left to fall apart. I know all of you super-smart, talented people can come up with something.

I just want to add a note from Mitch as well:

Hi Everyone!! Next weekend I'll be flying off to the US to see my beloved Joanne. We'll be heading out west to tour Arizona.  While I'm away Baz has kindly agreed to look after the PT site. He'll have admin access to fix any problems that might arise. If you experience any technical difficulties, contact Baz by e-mail:  Please be patient if you are waiting for a reply, as he'll only check for mails every other day.  Hosts have already been arranged for the three weekends I'll be away, so just continue with the fun as usual!! I'll be back home on Sunday 28th April. 

Ok, now for my photos. My first shot of an abandoned gun battery, was taken at Fort Hancock at the tip of Sandy Hook. This area was used from the early 1900's as a defensive site and protected the New Jersey/New York coast:

Abandoned Gun Battery at Fort Hancock

Abandoned cabins in Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. These were built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930s for use by travelers:

The Cabins - Valley of Fire

An abandoned cabin in the Mojave Desert:

Cabin at Mojave Preserve


  1. hi Joanne, glad to find you as host this week. Love the theme you chose and the pics you posted. enjoy Mitch's visit. ciao to both of you

  2. Hi Honey!! Thanks for hosting this week!! A little more of a challenge this week, but that's good!! Took me a while but I found some good examples for your theme.

    Great shots to start us off. Good shot of the gun battery, shame the guns themselves aren't still there. There are some old gun emplacements of the Cleddau Estuary here, but they are privately owned, so I can't photograph them :-(( Wonderful shot of the cabins in the Valley Of Fire. I loved it there, would like to go again one day. I also remember that cabin on the Mojave....I was going to use it as one of my choices!! LOL.

    Can't wait to see you next week :-))

  3. A very cool theme Joanne and Three really great images, have a wonderful vacation with Mitch and enjoy the countryside, with luck Marci will be back here in about 5 weeks;)

  4. hi and thanks for all the info--
    If Baz needs help please don't hesitate to ask okay--
    have a wonderful trip you two :)

  5. Three great examples of abandon. I particularly like the gun battery, has a wonderful atmosphere.

  6. A great trio of shots on theme.

  7. Excellent shots on your good choice of theme for this week! Wish you both a good time together...

  8. Absolutely love your theme!! I was starting to put on weight here in gloomy ol' Michigan and then I got to run around today and take pictures with abandon - of abandon!

    Your shots are great, the middle one reminds me of some of the cliff dwellings in the SW desert. The hues of reds, browns and purple contrast wonderfully with the green.

  9. Great theme, Joanne.

    I agree , it is pretty hard coming up with a new theme. I really didn't think I'd have anything for this one but an old abandoned warehouse under the Brooklyn Bridge, but I'm happy to say I didn't have to use that one again.

    The old gun battery looks interesting. I'd love to explore, but I suppose they won't let you in there.

    That second shot is beautiful! I wouldn't mind spending a night or two there!

    Looks like the settlers in the last pic must have had a chicken or two! Can you imagine trying to eke out a living in the desert?

  10. it is getting harder and it seems like some of the groups are repeating each other
    this is a great theme...
    all three of your shots have great textures, the middle one is my favorite

  11. Good choices for this theme. The gun battery is interesting. I love the middle image of the abandoned cottages in the Valley of Fire. Nice detail of the cabin in the Mojave Desert.