Sunday, 7 April 2013

Picture This #194 - Abandoned

Picture This ABANDONED  I love the theme. I am always looking for places like this.
Thanks Joanne for hosting. Hope you and Mitch have a great time on vacation.

Old abandoned farm abandoned photo DSC_4521_zps1c2c8d9f.jpg

Old Car

  car photo photo32_zpse54a7418.jpg

Train Car in woods train car abandoned photo traincar_zpsdf3922b5.jpg


  1. awesome editing! a shame these have all been have a great eye Sue

  2. Sad, but lovely photos. No longer abadonned when we make our photos to preserve the memories.

  3. Hi Sue!! Love your contributions for this week's theme!! Looking at the first shot, you can see that nature doesn't take long to start trying to reclaim the ground. Wonderful shot of the old abandoned car, the sepia really gives it a sense of age. Fantastic third shot!! A train carriage is not what you'd normally expect to find in the woods!!

  4. wow, I love the old car and the train car in the woods. I wonder if someone lived in the train car?

    I think my favorite is the car. Love the sepia tones used here.

    That first one is interesting. It has a sad feeling to it.

  5. Even if I hadn't seen your name, I would have guessed they had been post by you. All are fabulous shots, as always!

  6. I knew there had to be a car in there somewhere, Sue! All great shots, but my favorite is definitely the car. The train car is wonderful too, and I guess nowhere is a farm safe from development.