Monday, 15 April 2013


As per usual, late ............ Great theme of arches and tunnels, Pat. I am battling again to comment though on the posts, I can see them but comment sections seems to be closed off??? 

My first is the entrance to the 1st of 2 Hendrik Verwoerd Tunnel just before Louis Trichard, in Limpopo on the way up to Beit Bridge, Zimbabwe


My second might be a bit far fetched, but I liked the arches the branches of this unknown bush or tree was making , it seemed like it was weaving a framework, to me. Taken at Thipise, Limpopo


My 3rd and last, yes no cheating or bonus shots for a change............ sorry, too tired to think.... Back home in Botanical Gardens walking on a trek up the Witwatersrand Berg, came though a small gate, to what must originally have been the homestead, through a tunnel of trees and bushes to the river on the other side.


Will be back later to try and see if I can comment properly on all the wonderful entries.


  1. Nice shots, Marianne. The tunnel and the rocks are pretty. So many different hues.

    The bush is kind of cool.

    I love the last shot. It looks very inviting.

  2. Cool perspective of the tunnel.

    Wonderful arcs and shapes of the tree.

    Beautiful path shadowed by the arced trees.

  3. I like the bottom two natural arches, but the top one really caught my the brick contrast against the rock along with the two arches!

  4. Love them all. I like seeing scenes from every day life in other countries, the tunnel is very good. You certainly have other vegitation in south Africa. Two captivating shots of the tree branches and the path.

  5. Nice shots, Marianne! I love them all but the top one is my favourite. Very nice angle...

  6. Thank you all for popping past and your kind comments.

    The top one was taken while going as a passenger

  7. Nice shots Marianne. The rock formation of the tunnel shot resembles the some of the setting in The Lord of the Rings. Clever interpretation of the theme is photographing the the trees in the second shot. I like how the trees in the last shot resemble arches.

    1. Thank you Robert, that strange tree still intrigues me, the branches was kind of like succulents, If I remember, must look for the other shots and get it identified.

  8. Love the all Marianne. The colours in the first one are awesome.

  9. Wonderful captures Marianne all beautiful shots;)