Sunday, 7 April 2013

Picture This 194 ~ Abandoned

 photo MaconCoShed3-1.jpg
an old 35mm (about 7 yrs. old)
 photo 0532_zpsa2bddb8a.jpg
I have previously posted this somewhere, hopefully not here ;)
 photo 0411280x853_zps3785216c.jpg
the textures really spoke to me


  1. Hi Danette!! Great to see you this week. I had a feeling you might have some shots for this theme :-)) I don't know what it is, but the place in the first shot feels a little creepy. I like that second shot, it makes you wonder who used to live there, what their lives were like and why they abandoned it. I see what you mean about the third shot, really interesting textures.

    1. maybe the fog and the leafless trees and the darkness of the real life it was kinda cute LOL

  2. Danette, I really love your pictures. The colors in the first picture are great. Is that wild mustard. It does have an "other-worldly" look. Old houses are both sad and intriguing and you've done such a nice job with them.

  3. I love the little building and the tree in number one.
    Like the rustic faded texture in the old white house.
    The textures on 3 are really great.

  4. Terrific shots. Well-built houses that will keep for long.

  5. Such a sad little house on its own - lovely capture. and the other two photos really have great textures.

  6. I love your three shots, Danette! All are my favourites... they are so nice!

  7. Sad little building sitting all on its own. I wonder why the house was abandoned in the second shot. You're right about the textures in the third. I love tin roofs and wish I could afford to have one put on this house. I already have the cedar shakes! All great photos!