Saturday, 6 April 2013

Picture This 194 - Abandoned

The storks nest is abandoned, in Altreu along the River Aar, near where I live. They do not keep them in the colony any more, but let them fly.

Stork nests at Altreu

This old petrol pump was abandoned many years ago. It stands near the entrance to our local supermarket.

Petrol pump in Langendorf
The Hafenbar in Solothurn at the side of the river. Only open in summer.

Hafenbar Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat !! Three really interesting takes on the theme. Good shot of the stork's nest. Was the colony enclosed, to keep the birds in, at one time? Great shot of that classic old petrol pump. Haven't seen one like that in years, apart from in a museum. So the place in the third shot is what you'd called 'partially abandoned'? What is the 'Hafenbar'? Is it a bar? Or a place to get snacks?

    1. The colony was founded many years ago by a teacher at the local school. He was famous all over Switzerland for his work with the storks and it was and still is a thriving colony. It used to be more organised keeping the birds in the colony, but the bloke that founded it eventually died and the local government took it over and decided to let the birds fly. the result is that they sit on our rooves, on lamp posts and are often in the fields. They are lovely birds and very impressive. They now often build their nests on the rooves of the village of Altreu.
      The Hafenbar means Harbour bar and is a bar on the riverside, but only open in Summer.

  2. Good that they them fly free.

    A good ol petrol pump :)

    Closed for the season.

  3. Totally love the stork nest! We had storks where I lived in Florida, a different sort I suppose. I am happy they are free now. The old petrol pump has a beauty of its own.

  4. interesting story about the storks nest

    I really like the rusty old pump

    not sure what they sell at number three but it's a cute little place

  5. Three great shots, Pat! We don't see storks in Lisbon but in the countryside, we see them and their nests not on top of trees but on top of tall buildings, church spires or factory chimneys. Telephone companies have put up special areas on top of poles to support their nests. Love the shot of that petrol pump.Those were the days, petrol was cheap. I guess that bar in summer is a must stop on hot days...

  6. hi pat, lovely shots of abandoned things

  7. Pat, I like the shot of the stork's nest. We don't see storks in my area. The petrol pump is a sign of another time. We have places too that open only for the summer. Good images for this theme.

  8. Such wonderful photos, Pat. My favorite is the old gas pump. People would pay big bucks for that here!