Saturday, 27 April 2013

Picture This #197 ~ Silhouettes

Thanks for hosting Baz with the theme. Generally my silhouette photos are those that did not turn out as I wanted them to, but will dive into my archives and see what I can find.

I took this one evening on the stairs of the appartment house where I live. I found the effect was interesting.
Shadows on the stairs

And here is one of my crow pictures. They gather every evening Winter and Summer, but it is not always easy to have the camera ready at the right time.
This is a close up of the privet in the garden. I only just noticed that it has a couple of interesting shadows.


  1. Nice shots, Pat! The top one for being uncommon. I like your idea. The second one is very beautiful and my favourite... That gradient sky background makes the trees and crows silhouette stand out. Pretty shadows in the bottom shot.

  2. Pat, your top one is wonderful. It piques my imagination. I love the birds (they are difficult to capture, aren't they) and the silhouette of the flowers on the leaves. Nicely done.

  3. A bit sinister with the dark stairs. Beautiful sunset. Lovely flowers.

  4. Beautiful takes on the theme Pat my favorite is the first one almost a surreal feel to the image;)

  5. Hi Pat !! I'm now back from my vacation. I really like your three entries for Baz's theme. The first one is interesting, but the one of the birds gathering in the trees is my fave.

  6. I love the shot of the crows,Pat. I've never seen so many of them together like that.

    That first shot is unusual. I love playing with light and shadows, too. It has an eerie feel to it.

    The privet shot is very pretty. Love the shadow of the blossoms. We have a Chinese Privet here in the US that is considered an invasive species. Is it the same there?