Saturday, 6 April 2013

Picture This #194 ~ Abandoned



The back of an old market. It is closed now and the clutter I photographed last summer is all gone.

Forgotten geraniums

A work table at a plant nursery. Women were making geranium baskets and throwing away leaves and some flowers.


This is my dear cat Vancouver's grave, not really abandoned, just temporarily neglected by me. The Chinese figure keeps watch. I need to tend to it.


  1. HI Benni !! Three great takes in Joanne's theme. I think I detect an abandoned frisbee on the ground in the first shot. Interesting second shot, I like the texture of the work table. I like the Chinese figure that watches over Vancouver's grave. Well, as you've been away the last two months, there's good reason why the grave is a little unkempt. I'm sure you'll have it tidied in no time :-))

    1. Thanks, Mitch, I had a lot of fun with this theme. And yes, that's a frisbee, also abandoned, both by humans and whatever animal chewed on it. I sorta nudged it into place with my toe.

  2. a great variety of shots, all three have a sad feeling...I like the purple looking fellow who is watching over your cat

  3. Wonderful trio of shots. I especially love the head peeking out from the weeds.

  4. I love those three photos, The lasxt of the cat's grave is wonderful.

  5. Benny, your photos are wonderful! That of your cat's grave is very special. I love it!

  6. All great, very different shots, Benni. At least the back of the market was cleaned up - it makes it look a bit better. Poor tossed-aside flowers. I probably would have picked them up! I love the grave marker. I don't have one for Bonnie - maybe I should put one there.