Friday, 12 April 2013

Picture This #195 ~ Tunnel Or Arch

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. I'll be off on my trip to the US early Sunday morning, and will be busy getting ready on Saturday, so if I don't get round to comment on your entry, that's why. Please see the site banner for info about who to contact if you have problems while I'm away. 

Here are mine:

1) Tunnel Of Blossom, Aberglasney Gardens, Wales.
Tunnel Of Blossom

2) Natural Arch, Valley Of Fire State Park, Nevada, US.
Natural Arch 1

3) Archway To The Gardens. Picton Castle, Wales.
Picton Castle Archway


  1. These are three magnificent archways. The Tunnel of Blossoms is so spring and I can imagine how fragrant it is. By contrast, the dry and hot natural arch in Nevada with the blue sky behind it. My favorite is on the bottom, like an invitation to a fairyland, just beautiful in muted pastels.

  2. All three are nice to look at, but I so prefer the first on. It's absolutely stunning, romantic, name it!

  3. first of all have a nice trip and come back safe and sound
    second if you need ideas for the themes ask I lots of god theme ideas

    last and not least these are all wonderful photos of the theme

    1. sorry meant I have good ideas for themes

  4. Love the flower tunnel, the majestic arc of stone - and the last one looks like the entrance to the Secret Garden.

  5. That tunnel is really unique, just beautiful. The stone arch is a great shot and the view on the garden shows the beauty of Wales once again.

  6. morning mitch, lovely pics as usual. my fav is the flower arch

  7. Three wonderful shots mate, not that I would expect anything less, have a fantastic holiday with Joanne take lots of shots we will keep this place safe till you get back;)

  8. So pretty the first one, I like the perspective on the second one. and perhaps I am walking into that secret garden through your third photo. :)

    I have been busy these days, will see what I might be able to participate.

  9. Lovely garden archway/tunnel in the first.

    That second one is just spectacular!

    Love that last one. Is that a big azalea bush in the background?

  10. these are all so different, but each one beautiful in their own right...the top one is something I have never seen on such a grand scale!
    enjoy your vacation!!

  11. Hi Mitch, these are three great arches. The blossoms in Wales must be very fragrant. That is a good image of the Natural Arch in the Desert of Fire. The American Southwest has so many forms that nature produced. I love the gate in Picton Castle. It does remind me of "The Secret Garden". It's so lush.

  12. Beautiful three arches, Mitch! Have a wonderful vacation!