Saturday, 20 April 2013

Picture This #196 ~ For Sale

 Moroccan Wares, Ales, Teas and Spices ~ Chelsea Market, NYC
Moroccan wares 


Teas and spices at Chelsea Market


  1. Wonderful trio of shots. Fancy footgear and delicious delicacies.

  2. Three great shots, Deb! Nice display of Moroccan slippers, lanterns and carpets. They are very colorful! I always wonder those slippers are comfortable...
    Love the bottles shot, though I am an alcohol-free woman. I see cork stoppers. Good... perhaps imported from Portugal! The teas and spices is my favourite shot. I can almost feel their flavour. Thanks, Deb!

  3. Debby all 3 shots are fabulous.
    I dig those shoes. Wouldn't it be nice to wear them in the USA.
    All of your shots are so colorful and interesting.

  4. Hey, I have a bottle of Duvel in the bar fridge. No idea who brought it, though. I love beer too. Great shot of the Morrocan shop, so colourful and the spices are great too, I am too scared to try them though, probably burn my tummy out, though I do like curry but try to use the medium spicy rather than hot one.

  5. I was in Morocco for a few days and they do have interesting stuff to buy. That shop looks worth a visit. A good variety of drinks and teas and love the spices. Love seeing your shots of New York

  6. all three pics of yours are wonderful but let me partial to the second one. being a beer lover you can understand why it makes me wish to be there and choose the one I like. lol

  7. oh I love different markets and these are so wonderful thanks