Sunday, 28 April 2013


Thank you once again to Baz for hosting while Mitch is away on a much deserved holdiay with his beloved darling Joanne. 

Cannot believe how time runs, he must be on the way home already, surely they will both share (some) of their incredible adventures. 

Baz has chosen one of my favourite themes and also a favourite subject to shoot. Silhouettes and shadows always intrigue me. I am busy packing for a mini break, so have been shopping and zooming all over town. It is cold but not that cold, so t's or longs or oh gosh, can see the car will be packed to the hilt. Going for a girlie road trip, with my bestest friendly, Les. She so needs a break after loosing her beloved and my little stressed out brain, came up with an idea. 

See you all next week, and maybe I will have some pics and a story to share? We hope. 

Silhouettes of birds waiting patiently in the tree for their seeds early morning:


Silhouette of palm and tree in the front garden waiting for a huge storm just at sunset:


Silhouette of a fisherman at sunset, at Heritage Dam:


Bonus shot by darling son, me playing the fool on holiday at sunrise, flying the broom, I am the witch going to Bloksbjerg. Sorry could not resist, even if it pokes fun at me. *smile*

Silhouette Bonus

So sorry if you have seen some of them before, with my time constraints simply have not had time to shoot new ones.

Have a fantastic week. See you next Saturday.

Much Love



  1. I must try some of that silhouette photography. Great photos Marianne - love the bonus shot

    1. It is great fun, just shoot against the light, early morning works best I think, but also late afternoons. Thank you so much Pat.

  2. Serene and wonderful shot of the birds in the tree.

    Love the sky of liquid burning gold.

    A peaceful photo indeed.

    Love the blazing sun and the vivid yellow of the sky.

  3. Marvelous pictures, all, for me the first one is a real stunner!! Everything goes together so well - that is one great shot.

    1. thank you so much Benni. One of my favourite captures, ever, too.

  4. Nice shots. Like the fishing pole holder thingy. I need one of them. He he

    1. Russell made his own for the fishing, Randall. I can send you the work outs. They are absolutely necessary when you fish competition and have 2 rods in the water, with different bait , weight and length of cast.

  5. Hi Marianne!! Just back from my vacation. Love your shots for Baz's theme!! The trees against the sunset storm is my fave but the bonus shot made me laugh :-))

    1. That bonus was meant for a laugh, dear Mitch. *smile* I am one of the lucky ones quite capable of making fun of myself. We were really horsing around that morning waiting for Russell to get up, so we could go.

  6. lol, at that last shot. Tell your son I think he's gifted at catching the right moment. The sunset over the water is just beautiful. Can you imagine being able to actually take flight on that broom??? I wonder where the idea of witches flying on brooms originated?

    The first shot of the birds is lovely, and I love the glow of the sky above the trees in that second.

    Quite a setup that fisherman has! great shot!