Sunday, 7 April 2013

Picture This # 194 ~ Abandoned

Small Pox hospital on Roosevelt Island, NYC


A man perhaps abandoned by society, painted white from head to toe and dressed in sleeping bags. Place d' Italie, Paris, France


 Wall of the old Roman baths of Cluny, Paris, France



  1. Hi Debby !! Three really interesting shots for the theme!! I love how the ivy is climbing all over the building in the first shot. It reminds me of an abandoned church near where I live (I just thought.....why didn't I use a shot of that for my entry??? LOL). The ivy has completely cover the spire of the church. Wow, that's a real person in the second shot? At first glance I thought it was a statue!! I can understand a street-person covering themselves in sleeping-bags to keep warm, but why paint himself white, I wonder? Nice shot of the Roman baths in the last shot, I like the play of light.

  2. Debby love the ivy on the hospital on the first photo.
    I just love the Roman baths picture. Great post...

  3. Fascinating pictures, all three. I am focusing on the first, it is so interesting I might even google it. Feel bad for the man in the middle, I would guess he is not right in the head. Great perspective in the third.

  4. I really love the way the ivy has grown over the top one
    the bottom two have a creepy feel to them
    all excellent shots!

  5. Love the overgrown facade.

    Poingnant photo of the homeless person.

    Looks like a dungeon.

  6. 3 very interesting photos. Love the ivy clad building where nature has really taken over. Interesting white man (Paris is full of interesting people) and the last photo really has some atmosphere

  7. wonderful wonderful
    having been to all the places in your photos it brings back memories thank you

  8. I love your three photos, Deb! Paris is a haven for photographers, isn't it?

  9. What fabulous photos, Debby!!! Another place I've never been, and is on my list, is Roosevelt Island. I just love all the ivy on that building. You do see some "interesting" things in Paris, that's for sure! I still can't decide if I loved it or hated it! Your last shot is gorgeous! I love the angle