Saturday, 27 April 2013

PICTURE THIS # 197 ~ Silhouettes

Hi all BAZ in the chair this week, 

Mitch is travelling home this weekend after his vacation, I cant believe how quickly the time has gone I hope he and Joanne has a wonderful time.

Besides keeping an eye on things while he was away Mitch asked that I chose a theme for this week.

So my theme this week is  Silhouettes and here are my choices for this week

The Hillside


The Fence


On the way home at sunset


I am looking forward to your contributions have a great weekend;)


  1. ooooh yeeepie, one of my favourite themes, Bazman. Well done and such lovely examples too. I simply adore the second one, the fence, but the Hillside and on the way home is also great, I like the sunset behind the walking silhouette of the "woman" ?

    Back a bit later with mine. The sun is shining and I am busy cleaning aviaries. Those birds of mine. *smile*

    See you now, now. Hugs.

  2. oh wonderful wonderful
    thanks for a great theme and for running the show

  3. The first photo leaves me speechless, such a great composition. Love the impact of the sunset and the third mysterious figure is really a good shot. Looks like the return of the vampire.

  4. Beautiful trio of shots. I especially love the last one.

  5. The choice of the theme is excellent and so are your three shots. I love them all... Each one has its beauty but as Pat already mentioned, the mysterious figure in the third shot makes it be the first among the others.

  6. A very challenging theme for me and it is good to be challenged. Your three are stunning; I especially like the middle one. There is a sheen to the sky that is beautiful.

  7. Hi Baz !! Many thanks for looking after the place while I've been away!! This is a great theme, and your three shots are, as always, fabulous!!

  8. I love all three, Baz. Great shots. I like the trees on the hillside best.