Sunday, 21 April 2013

Picture This 196 ~ For Sale

 flea market in france

old toys for young boys Nico2

biscuit shop in Bretagne Nico3


  1. Nico you never fail to surprise. The first is the dot on the "i" with the mirror reflection, the second is a wondeful collection and the third something unique, yes the French certainly know how to present their biscuits, great shot.

  2. I really like your three shots, Nico! I never miss going to a local flea market whenever I travel. I can always find something that surprises me. Nice colours of those traditional spinning tops. I don't remember to have ever played with them but I remember my brother having fun with his. I loved playing with yoyos, instead. If I see such a display of biscuits in a nice shop like that, I would surely buy a portion of each variety of them. Love that ambience, too! Thanks, Nico, for taking part in this week's theme!

  3. Very interesting shots Nico.
    What do the Boys do with those toys?

  4. I nearly missed your shots, Nico, not sure why, so sorry. Love a flea market and I spot with my little eye, a vase I could use, the blue one, please . The spinning tops are so colourful, I have an old antique one too, but it is plain wood, love that shot and the third , seeing as I have not had breakfast yet, pass me some of those lovely biscuits. A handful will do *winks*. Lovely contributions all, as per usual. Nice.

  5. oh nico these are bella wunderbar grazia