Saturday, 20 April 2013

Picture This #196 ~ For Sale

Great idea Belita and thanks for hosting. Living in a market town, it is sometimes the only subject worth a photo.

It is really difficult for me to choose, our market day in Summer is always so colourful.

If you feel tired you can even buy a chair
Or a carpet


  1. I love markets and your top shot of that one is really a good capture. My 1st time to see a chair like that... colourful and probably not very ergonomic, yet I would like to try resting on it even for a while. It looks from some South American country (Peru?). My favourite is the third shot. Unusual display on the sidewalk. That dog resting on the mat makes it a very interesting capture. Thanks, Pat!

  2. What a wonderful trio of market shots.

  3. Great shots,Pat! I had never seen street markets before I moved to NY.

    I love the colorful chair and handbags.

    lol, the little dog in the last shot looks very comfortable!

  4. What a neat street market. Very
    interesting shots.

  5. I love your market day too, Pat. Such lovely choices and colourful subjects. Great for a lovely day out.

  6. hi pat, love your pics. markets are always so colourful and lively. the first one resembles a pic I took in Madrid while visiting the Sunday flea market called el rastro

  7. I like your Summer market. :)