Monday, 8 April 2013


Great theme, Joanne and thank you for hosting this week.

pppppsssst, doubt Joanne is abandoned this week, I hear Mitch is on the way to join her. *smile*

Enjoy your Holiday together, have fun, be good *wink*

My first Abandoned is an empty Portuguese Restaurant, that I have been dying to rejuvenate and renovate for years. I remember many a happy night sitting there sipping (no comments, yes gulping) wine, with the smell of garlic, prawns, peri-peri, drifting out from the kitchen getting my taste buds drooling, yes that is what they did, okay. Maybe now with daughter in law to be Miss de Silva, we could........... seeing as said Miss is also a Chef?


My second Abandoned is so very sad. I have never been able to figure out why someone parked The Ice-cream Van in that corner ............ Down on Tyres, Windows broken, the loud speaker will no longer go : Tingeling, Tingeling............ " The days of the Van coming down the road, the children shouting at the sound " mom, mom the ice-cream man is coming, quick give us money" The younger ones begging and pleading , pulling my skirt, while the older ones was flagging the van down already at the gate.

  Abandoned 2

My last abandoned and the reason for this being late yet again, I could not find the silly photograph. OH dear help me, transferred all photos onto an external hard drive, but somehow has got duplicated folders or folders missing files, but in another file, oh dear, no idea how I did that, but eventually found my shot, the one I wanted. Lapa Lounge was a popular hang out on the weekend, restaurant, picnic facilities, playground and pool for the children. A licensed bar (yes my favourite) and live music on a Sunday with a Barbecue Lunch. Farm animals, chickens and ducks and goats and lambs and a lovely Koi-pond with monster fish in it. Part of the original farm house that now houses Rebel Farmers, a landmark and icon of the area for many years, until mysteriously it burned down one night. It now stands empty with ghosts flitting between the rafters and only echoes of children's laughing. Sincerely hope someone will fix it up and open again or make a plan for the site, it looks so sad. 

Abandoned 3


  1. Abandoned café, tour bus and rest place. very nice trio.

  2. Hi Marianne, worth waiting for, as you've provided three really good takes on the theme, and all sad in their own way. It would be really great if you and Miss Chef could refurbish and reopen that restaurant!! That was an ice-cream van in the second shot? Looks more like an old-fashioned ambulance. It does take me back many years to my own childhood and how the sound of the jingles could have me racing out of the house at high speed!! LOL. So sad about the Lapa Lounge. Was it an accident? Or was it deliberate? I, too, hope someone fixes it up.

    1. old fashioned ambulance, Mitch ??? Must go have another look! Maybe get closer and try get a shot into the van. Now would that not have a story to tell.

  3. wow those are truly abandoned AND you have stories for them! not many of us can say that...three fabulous shots...I want some ice-cream now ;)

  4. I love your three photos Each one unique in its way and thanks to the descriptions, the abandoned are alive again.

  5. Marianne, you've provided some insight with these photos. Your selection fits the theme perfectly. I can relate to the ice cream truck. We had a truck that sold soft serve ice cream. Your recall of the children pleading to buy ice cream is universal. It doesn't matter if they're in South Africa or the United States. The last photo denotes sadness. It reminds me of a summer resort that we went to years ago. My daughter revisited the resort last summer and she has the images of abandonment.

  6. Fantastic photos for the theme Marianne.

    There are all kinds of abandonedment aren't there? I won't join in this one.

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I have seen all the fab entries via email, but was unable to comment at the time. Will make a plan and come visit both Sky and Abandoned. Apologies but things are not really normal at this time , my side.