Monday, 1 April 2013

Picture This #193 - Sky

Picture This  - SKY

Clouds at sunset

clouds at sunset photo cloudsatsunset_zps65208a50.jpg

LaPush, Pacific Ocean Where they filmed the Twilight Movies. LaPush Pacific Ocean photo LaPushsigned_zps0d230e95.jpg

North Bend, Washington 12 miles from home.  Late snow -- I hope? North Bend  Snow photo NorthBendSnow_zpsc0942272.jpg


  1. Hi Sue!!! Great to see you taking part this week. Three fantastic shots for the theme!! The colours in that first shot are just awesome!! Really beautiful. That second shot has a feeling of loneliness despite all the footprints in the sand. Love how the light is silhouetting the islands. Definately looks like a 'snow sky' in that last shot!!

  2. Mitch do you have a Group Pool on Flickr like I&W has?
    Should we be posting in that?
    Photo bucket has changed it is really hard to find your photo's onece you upload them in to a album.

    1. Hi Sue. Sorry, there is no 'group pool' like on I&W. 'Picture This' does have a Flickr account but it's only for storing the challenge images for cross-posting back into the site for 'challenge albums' (you can see them on the task-bar just below the main banner photo).

      I've heard that Photobucket have changed a lot of things, and not for the better. Personally, I would recommend giving them the boot and opening your own account on Flickr. I know it will probably be a pain in the ass uploading everything again, but I think it would be worth it. Flickr is more reliable and much easier to use.

  3. Susan, I like all three of your sky shots, they are different in concept and composition.
    Great sharing from you.

  4. I knew you would have some really nice sky photos.

  5. Love the top shot for the gorgeous colours, the second for the composition and the feel of solitude and the third, my favourite, for the contrasts of nature...

  6. So rare to see blues, reds and yellows all in one sky. Wonderful that you captured it. I like the beach and the clouds off the mountain also.

  7. wow love them all
    especially the first one--

  8. Lovely photos. Sue. That first one is glorious! Sort of like a spiritual awakening.

    'Love the beach scene with the island.

    The last shot is my favorite! Is that a little cabin I see below on the right?

  9. Stunning colours.

    Beautiful - love the dash of blue.

    Majestic mountain vista.

  10. One better than the other. the first is just breathtaking and the Twilight Movie one is really my taste, so mysterious and strange - a good capture. The Washing photo is also very good

  11. Fantastic photography Sue. Not one is better than the other.