Saturday, 13 April 2013

Picture This #195 ~ Tunnel Or Arch

 photo 062.jpg
Chapel of Ease in South Carolina
 photo tracks-1.jpg
Railroad Museum, Savannah Georgia
 photo FtPulaski1087.jpg
Ft. Pulaski in Georgia


  1. This was hard for me...I have more "arch" photos than I had realized...

  2. It may have been hard for you but you sure picked some winners. I love them all, but there is something very melancholy and Southern about the top one. I love the dead leaves, the Spanish moss, the exposed brick. I half expect to see William Faulkner's ghost appearing. It's a powerful picture.

  3. I am sort of set back to Once Upon a Time in the West with the first photo, lovely scene. The railway museum is a good take, very nostalgic and Fort Pulaski shows how it was. Three good shots.

  4. hi Danette, cool pics. love the first one very much

  5. Great shots one and all and I think I remember being with you for two of them?

  6. Hi Danette !! I like all three of your takes on the theme. Love the Spanish moss overhanging the archway in the first shot. Great second shot, with the rail tracks leading the eye to the arch. I remember that last shot taken at Fort Pulaski. Wasn't that at a get-together with the likes of Baz and Gator?

  7. Very nice shots, Danette and like Baz's first photo, any mention of Georgia makes me homesick. Is that first one on St.Simon's?

    I have a few shots of the old fort, too. Love this one!

    1. no it is actually on St. Helena Island (Beaufort)

  8. I like your three arches, Danette! They are all very very nice...