Sunday, 28 April 2013

Picture This #197 ~ Silhouettes

There was a song in the 60's called "Silhouettes" that has been running through my mind all day...


This is a grove of trees in a cemetery that looks like slender sisters dancing and leaves are their hair.


A kind of shadowy spooky self-portrait.

Crow on trees

The silhouette of a crow in midsummer.


  1. Nice three shots, Benni! Even if you didn't add any explanation on the first, I would 'see' those dancers... Love the second,my favourite. Very good composition with all those necklaces displayed in a very unique way... beautiful light in the third.. the crowd stands out...

  2. Thank you so much. A friend on Facebook said the trees look like wood nymphs called "dryads".

  3. My pleasure, Benni! You mean those ones that were said to have their lives ended as the life of the trees ends? I remember to have heard about them at the University.

  4. That really looks like a group of dancers in the first one, very interesting. the second I love, such a good effect - myteriouos. Very good crow photo, lookings like he is singing or crowing.

  5. Magical tree. Spooky indeed. Beautiful shot of the crow.

  6. Wonderful captures Benni thanks for contributing this week;)

  7. Hi Benni !! I'm back from my vacation now. Three great shots for Baz's theme. I have to say that the 'spooky shadowy self-portrait' is my fave!!

  8. Ah, love the dancing trees...a very romantic notion.

    The second shot is amazing. That's you in the photo? You were using a tripod? It's a very interesting and creative shot.I love the nuance of color from the jewelry and the light you captured is lovely.

    Great shot of the bird.

    1. Thank you, Debby. It is me in the photo and I was not using a tripod but bracing the camera against my body. I love to play with light in that room.

  9. Many thanks to Pat, Anders, Baz and Mitch! I always learn from what other people see in my photos.