Saturday, 1 November 2014

Picture This #275 ~ Candid Strangers

Hi all, first congrats to Nico on a fantastic header shot, well done. Mitch asked if I would host this week and I gladly accepted.
So for this weeks theme something I have seen many of you excelling at in other venues, I am not sure if we ever did it here, "Candid Strangers".
So here are the shots I selected to get you started this week. They were all taken on Poole Quay, Pool Harbour, Dorset, England.

Have a great weekend.

Biker Boys
Z0264426 copy

Right here waiting for you
Z0264415 copy

Tattoo Boy catching some rays
Z0264423 copy

Contemplating The Ocean
Z0264438 copy


  1. Hi Baz!!! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme. I think we did do it once many many moons ago, but not in recent times. Looking forward to some interesting entries. Your shots are all great to get us started. The guy on the left in the first shot look like someone you wouldn't want to upset!! LOL. Nice blue sky behind the woman in the second shot. The third shot reminded me of an old old movie starring Rod Steiger. Can't remember the exact title, but it was about a tattooed man. The girl in the last shot looks like she's far away. Contemplating a holiday, perhaps.

  2. I like the biker boys and the tattooed human. A wonder you got away with it in one piece. Taking photos of the ladies - you are never safe when Baz is around with the camera, but all very good shots.

  3. Great theme and a great header shot by Nico!

    Yikes, that guy on the left in the first shot looks scary. ( just the image on the shirt, I guess) I've never seen pants with that emblem before. Do you know what it stands for, Baz? What strikes me is these tough looking guys drinking pop! I can almost see the guy on the left getting up and singing "I drink Dr Pepper and I'm proud, I'm part of an original crowd"!

    Colorful bag in the second with a teddy bear so my guess is she's waiting for her daughter, granddaughter...Somebody's little girl.

    That's one elaborate tattoo on that guy's back!

    I love the pink and black outfit and bag in the last photo. An attractive young lady.

    All very interesting shots, Baz and nicely done!

    1. Thank you Debby, sorry I have no idea I think it must be a brand logo.

  4. Hi Baz! Although the biker boys are not my favourite type, the shot is really good ... I think the lady was not waiting for anyone but having rest while she was looking carefully at the interior of the bag she had just bought (typical attitude of a woman, I would say). Perhaps that tattoo boy believes that by catching some rays the tattoos become more beautiful... what an illusion!!! Contemplating the ocean or is she missing her bf? Awesome shots, as always!

  5. Sorry, Baz, I forgot to mention how I like the choice of theme...

  6. Cool fellas

    Cool gel

    the painted man

    "Im bored!"

  7. Great theme for the week and loved your shots