Saturday, 15 November 2014


Hi all, have a great weekend. Congrats to Pat on a great shot for the header and thanks to Heidi for a cool theme ;)


Thankful for someone so special coming into my life.
P8095580 copy

Thankful for an education that has coloured my life with knowledge and adventure.

Thankful for the Ocean, which gave me a career that I thought would be just a dream.
PA101783 copy

Thankful for the eyes, that allow me to see the simple beauty all around me.
Reflections of Autumn_BH_271214

Bonus shot, 
Thankful for Family. Not taken by me obviously, but an essential addition to my list of things for which I am thankful.
Z0269268 copy


  1. Hi Baz!! Wonderful photos for Heidi's theme!! Looks like we had similar thoughts on the subject. Such a happy shot of you and Marci. My 'old friends', the microscopes in the second shot. Fabulous scene in the third shot, showing the magnificence of sky and sea. The fourth shot is my fave, just stunning colours and reflection. Lovely photo of you and your mom in the last shot.

  2. Hi Baz thanks for such wonderful shots and am glad you like my theme actually you gave me the idea

  3. All super photos. I particularly like the one of you and your mum. The reflection of the tree in the water is stunning. Lovely sea shore shot and your work instruments. The first photo - lovely.

  4. Hi Baz! Such amazing pictures. The one of you and Marci is full of warmth and love (great t-shirt too). Also love the one of you and your mother, you might not have taken it, but I bet you helped set it up with a wonderful background.

  5. Lovely shots and a wonderful life to be thankful for! I love all of the photos. They are all special because they pertain to your life in a particular way but it's that loving photo of you and your mom that really gets to me.