Saturday, 15 November 2014

Picture This #277 ~ Thankful

Thanks for hosting Heidi and thanks for choosing my cats at the market as the banner photo.

I am thankful for my new computer, what more can I say. Am cheating a bit, Mr. Swiss took the photo (without telling me)
Me and apple computer

I am always thankful when our local supermarket has a special offer on the orchids. This is my latest buy.

And I am thankful for our little Mowey, our lawn mower that does it all on his own, born in the Husqvarna factory. He just takes a walk around the lawn once a day during the warmer months at 14.30 hours for half an hour and saves Mr. Swiss the hard work. Yes, we call him Mowey.
Mowy is coming home


  1. Hi, Pat! Congrats on your lovely banner shot of the cats! Nice computer!! I love my Mac book, can do so much. The "mowey" is also intriguing, wonder how it would work on our yard. My favorite is the orchids, very nicely done.

  2. woho Pat we are twins we have the same IMac wonderful am so happy for you---
    your banner is so very cool love it
    love all your shots--tell mr swiss he needs to take a few more of his lovely lady

  3. Love your collections of beautiful kitties Pat, they would brighten up any day. Mr Swiss takes a great photo of his pretty lady and I see you have beaten me to new toy to play with.

  4. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Heidi's theme. You look very happy with your new gadget in the first photo. Beautiful shot of the orchids. That automated lawn-mower is fascinating. Would love to see a vid of it at work some day.

  5. Fabolous captures Pat I love Mowey LOL ;)

  6. We're thankful to Mr Swiss for taking such a lovely shot of you, Pat! You look gorgeous in that color, btw.

    Beautiful orchids. I want to have a hand at that some day, but I have to get a special lamp first since we have so little natural light here in our apt.

    Mowey is so CUTE! love it!