Saturday, 22 November 2014

Picture This #278 ~ The Best Most Recent Photos

Many thank to Debby for hosting this week, despite the fact her laptop computer died and it's replacement only arrived at the very last minute!!  Good idea for the theme, there should be lots of variety!!

My most recent set of photos was from a trip just two miles up the road to the Pembroke Wetlands walk, for some very late autumn shots. There is a small stand of Beech trees there that have just about the only good autumn colours round here. Or so I thought!! On the way back, I spotted a little stand of three red maples, so stopped for a few shots of those, too!!

1) Autumn Gold
Autumn Gold  2

2) Russet Maple
Russet 1

3) Late Autumn
Late Autumn 3

4) Red Maple
Red Maple


  1. Hi Mitch! Really lovely shots of the last colors of the year. I love how you play with light coming through the leaves. They are as beautiful as stained or colored glass. Your last shot is just magnificent, showing the veins of the leaf, almost fractal, great close-up.

  2. You have definitely caught the colours of Autumn, some lovely shades of the Autumn colours and the sun reflection makes the photos just perfect.

  3. Ah, these are all very lovely shots, Mitch! I envy you that walk through the wetlands. The closeup of the maple is my favorite.

  4. Hi Mitch! Beautiful colours of the season.... The late Autumn is my favourite...