Thursday, 13 November 2014

Picture This Week # 276 ~ True Colors

Colorful sculpture at City Hall Park in Manhattan
Moroccan blanket at Chelsea Market, Manhattan
Marbles in a lighted glass panel at Chelsea Market, Manhattan


  1. Beautiful shot, Nik! What a great banner!

  2. Hi Debby!! A wonderfully colourful collection of shots for this week's theme!! That sculpture in the first shot looks kinda out of place in an ornamental garden. Beautiful Moroccan blanket. Love all the colour and light in the third shot!!

  3. Thanks, Mitch. The art installations at City Hall Park are usually very quirky pieces. I love strolling through there.

  4. Debby, many apologies for my comments being so late. Your pictures are great and so unique! Love the sculpture by the fountain, really perfect with the older building in the background. You sure do capture the surprises and contrasts of that great city. The Moroccan blanket is so richly colored and looks warm too. The marbles are wonderful, especially the cobalt blue ones with the light shining through.

  5. Better late than never. I love that first photo, the figure heads really pop out at you. Lovely colour contrasts on the Moroccan blanket and a very good composition with the coloured beads.