Saturday, 29 November 2014

Picture This #279 ~ Wood

Hi everyone, this is Mitch, and I'll be your host for this week's challenge. Before we get to this week's theme, can I please remind members, again, that this group is only just barely big enough to keep going and that it needs your full support. This means taking an active part. Please try to visit and comment on ALL the entries in each week's theme. And this means not just at the weekend, but coming back later in the week to catch the late-comers!! Thanks!!

Ok, this week's theme is WOOD. It can be anything made of wood. This should be an easy theme, so no excuses for not taking part!! Here are mine:

1) An old greengrocer's hand-cart.

2) A wood sculpture at the National Wetlands Centre, Wales
Point Me At The Sky

3) Hand-painted wooden elephant from India.
Hefferlump 2

4) Wood at it's most it's natural state.
Forest 1


  1. ahh wonderful wood is such a warm medium
    love that old grocery cart

  2. A very good theme.A very interesting handcart from the greengrocer. Ancient Welsh weapon for decapitating leprachauns? I didn't now you had wetlands.Love the elephant and a very majestic forest.

  3. Hi, Mitch, thank you for all the work you do in keeping this group up and running. It is much appreciated. Great theme too. I am in love with that little handcart, especially posed as it is against a wall that mirror its colors. That wood sculpture looks like it could be quite a weapon. Lovely Indian elephant, and the forest from where it all comes from, with an enticing path. Really very nice.

  4. Good to see you home Mitch and setting us a cool theme. You have given us some beautiful shots to start us of. I love the first three especially the elephant. As you would expect the forest shot is my favourite, nice work Mate ;).

  5. LOved the woodie theme. Great shots and loved them all.

  6. Charming wheelbarrow

    Cool curve

    Beautiful elephant

    Wonderful capture

  7. Hi Mitch! Thanks for the choice of theme... a good one, indeed! Not easy to select a favourite... all of them are different, yet all of them are very good, as always....however, the wood sculpture, in black and white, is very original and elegant, the reasons why I would say that's my favourite...

  8. Nice theme, Mitch! I love the green and yellow cart. Very cheerful!

    The sculpture is very interesting. It reminds me of a bird in flight.

    The little wooden elephant is adorable!

    The last one is my favorite! There is nothing like a walk through the forest.